Hi! I’m Taylor Emmerson

Interactive designer and developer, creating useful and enjoyable experiences. Currently working at Format and Keyobi. Joining the Facebook team as a Product Designer in 2016.

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Web Design/Branding - 2014

Keyobi is a online tool to help employers and candidates connect and provides a tailored candidate pool for open positions. It’s hybrid approach brings the best features from both job boards and headhunting firms.

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App Design - 2015

Discover the places around you. Ploratory helps people find interesting locations and places of interest through challenges that can be completed individually or with friends.

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iPad App - 2014

TipOff is an app designed for the Apple iPad. It allows basketball recruiters to scout new players and rate them as they play. The app also allows them to read news on players they are tracking, and keep up to date with the events they need to attend.

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Web Design - 2014

Sort photographs based on their dominant colour and the lightwaves they reflect. Built with HTML & CSS as well as jQuery to bring animation and transitions to the interface.

More Projects

T-10 | Information Design

An infographic designed to show data from all 135 shuttle launches including destination, objective, launch date, and more.

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Bike Plan | Brochure Design

12 page brochure design & photographs produced for the City of Toronto’s 2013 Bike Plan.

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Paper | Folding

An exploration of a catalyst item using different materials and folding techniques. Produced with Mylar and folding techniques from Paul Jackson.

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Throughfare | Quartz Composer

Interactive Prototype built with Quartz Composer & Origami. Explores basic animations and triggers for a iPhone application.

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Slider | jQuery & Javascript

Slider navigation programmed with jQuery. Ideally could be used as a photo gallery to display thumbnails.

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Toppings | Javascript

Script that allows content to cycle through a list of words.

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Gestate, Iterate, Differentiate

A little bit about me

I'm a fourth year design student, attending the York/Sheridan Design program in Toronto, Canada. I study many aspects of design with a core focus on digital design, UI to Data Visualization. I'm always looking to explore and learn about new tools and skills. Currently working on becoming friends with Origami & FramerJS.

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