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Folding Experiments

Bike Plan

Bike Plan

Toronto Bike Plan Brochure

Shuttle Inforgraphic


Infographic of Shuttle Launches

CJ13 Crest


CJ'13 Scouting Jamboree

SnoDrift Website


Responsive Website

Build Typography


Experimental Typography


I produce small experiments when learning or testing new ideas in code.
My latest ideas are shown below.

jQuery Slider

jQuery Slider

Slider navigation programmed with jQuery. Ideally could be used as a photo gallery to display thumbnails.

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jQuery Slider

Text Changer

Script that allows content to cycle through a list of words.

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About Me

Second year design student, currently attending the York/Sheridan Design program in Toronto, Canada. I am currently studying various aspects of design in both print to digital environments. I have a passion towards the digital path of design, where my interests lie in web design and UI/UX.

Currently seeking summer internship opportunities to help expand my knowledge and learn new skills. Please feel welcome to contact me if my work interests you.

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